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Attraction, Meeting and Conversing

A match that was truly made in heaven happened only once and that was with Adam and Eve. Since then man has forever been in search for the perfect woman but the problem of attracting a meeting women continues. There have been many books written and many seminars and actual courses on this very subject, by men who consider themselves experts in the subject. With so many self proclaimed experts, why does the problem continue?

There is a basic way to meet and attract women and it begins with you being no one else but you. Contrary to most men’s belief that women like men that have glamorous jobs or have fancy important sounding names, this is not true. If a man believes this then he is motivated to invent a new job and change his name to something important sounding and easy to pronounce. But if you are a janitor state the fact proudly and if your name is difficult to pronounce than invent a game that will teach her to pronounce it and do this proudly too.

Women do not enjoy being with men that are indecisive. Surprise your date with a well planned evening and don’t let her make the decisions of where to go and what to do. This will give the impression that you cannot make a decision on your own and she has to do it for you. If you cannot agree on where to go and what to do than solve the problem together.

There exists in every man and woman their own unique personality and that is what makes each of us different. A woman will be more impressed with you if you reveal only your true unique personality. If you try to hide that true personality she will see through your and lose all interest she may have had in your.

When you are out on a date there will invariably be conversation. If you monopolize the conversation with talk about you this is not good. Be a good listener and hear what she is talking about and reply with true but subtle feelings. Add to the conversation if you truly can. At no time during the conversation should you tell you date she said or did something wrong. If the conversation allows it then make suggestions.

Do not let the conversation turn to her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend or for that matter, any type of ex. Then change the subject as soon as the subject turns to exes. Mention a similar situation that may have happened to your friend, or just to be safe, keep your mouth shut.


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